Firefighter Recruitment Drive

Posted on Monday December 23, 2019 at 09:53AM


Do you live or work in Thorsby, Calmar, New Sarepta or Nisku areas and are interested in becoming a firefighter ?

Leduc County Fire Services is committed to providing fire and rescue services to all residents and businesses within Leduc County.

Leduc County manages and operates the fire service in the Calmar, New Sarepta, Nisku and Thorsby fire districts, and relies on paid on-call firefighters to respond to calls in each of these districts.

Paid on-call firefighters protect citizens and property in a time of crisis. They respond to emergencies including, but not limited to, residential, rural and industrial fire calls, vehicle collisions, and airport response. 

Paid on-call firefighters receive professional-level National Fire Protection Association  training at no personal financial cost and gain valuable hands-on experience through training scenarios and emergency calls. 

Service as a paid on-call firefighter requires a serious commitment. In addition to responding to emergency calls, firefighters must attend weekly training sessions and additional courses on most weekends for the first year and then as required, to maintain their skills.

Service as a paid on-call firefighter also has tremendous benefits. It is a great way to give back to the community, gain life-saving skills
and start a fulfilling firefighting career.  Find our more here.


How you can help

Roughly half of all emergency calls occur during regular business hours. In order to ensure adequate response to these emergencies, Leduc County Fire Services asks you to support and encourage interested employees to become paid on-call firefighters.

Leduc County recognizes  this is a considerable request which might impact your business operations; however, it relies on support from businesses like yours in order to protect people and property, like yourself and your business, in an emergency.

The average emergency call lasts just 75 minutes from the time the alarm rings to the time firefighters return to the fire station. That means paid on-call firefighters would be able to return to work shortly after. 

Paid on-call firefighters receive professional-level National Fire Protection Association training and gain valuable hands-on experience through training scenarios. All training is scheduled in evenings and on weekends as to not interfere with regular business hours.

Good for your business and the community

Supporting and encouraging your interested employees to become paid on-call firefighters fulfills a need in the community. It ensures
your neighbours, customers and staff will be protected when they need it most.

Paid on-call firefighters learn diverse skills that they can bring directly into the workplace, such as fire safety and first aid. It can also enhance workplace morale, with employees feeling supported by their employer. 

Supporting your employees in becoming paid on-call firefighters also demonstrates your commitment to the community; this has the potential to increase support for your business.

Employer recognition

Leduc County Fire Services is committed to recognizing businesses who employ paid on-call firefighters ,and commits to the following:

• Provide recognition on the Leduc County website
• Include your businesses name and/or logo in annual Fire PreventionWeek advertising
• Provide an annual certificate of appreciation for businesses to display
• Publicly acknowledge support in other ways, as appropriate

As a business owner, find out more  here.


Author: Town of Thorsby


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