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Posted on Thursday June 18, 2020 at 02:12PM

It seems forever since we last had residents visit the Town Office, and I know the majority are eager for things to return to normal as soon as possible. It has been a difficult few months for both for residents and staff, coming to terms with changes in accessibility when trying to pay bills, picking up cards for the dump station and not being able to pop in to ask questions on a wide variety of subjects from A – Z. With only two admin staff in the office during the lock-down (myself being one) it has been difficult at times, trying to keep up with things, even just dealing with the increased volume in phone calls has been a challenge, but thankfully, we can now begin to think about how we start the re-opening process. It will probably be a soft opening of one or two days a week, leading to a gradual build up as we work through any challenges as they arise, we expect this to be starting in July – details will be published closer to, but in the meantime, we ask you for your patience a little while longer.

Arctic Spas Recreation Complex

The province threw us somewhat of a curveball on the recreation front this past week, as re-opening was down for Phase 3 in the Provinces relaunch plan, and then they bumped it forward to phase 2. Until a full evaluation of requirements and a supportable plan has been formulated, as frustrating as this may be, we can’t yet give an indication of when this may occur, our priority is to keep both visitors to the Rec Complex and staff safe. Check out  this link  to see what we have to try and accommodate before we can open in more detail. Playground and open outdoor spaces are open to use at your own risk. Please wash hands before and after use and encourage children to respect social distancing.


We hope to have the notices out at the start of next week. Tax rates have been reduced, penalties delayed, and we have updated the Tax Installment Plan to allow for late entry without a lump sum for the part of the year that has already passed. If you think you may struggle to pay for the 2020 year and would like to enroll after receipt of your tax notice, please give me a call and I’ll walk you through the program to see if it’s an option to help you out.

Bylaw 2020-03 Property Taxation 

Bylaw 2020-04 Bylaw to Amend Tax Penalty Bylaw for 2020 year

Bylaw 2020-05 Amendment Tax Installment

Dump Cards

Should you still need a dump card, they are available Mon-Friday, 8:30 – 4:30, and they are added to a pouch on the outside of the office door for ease of pick up. They are removed after hours as they cost $20 each from Leduc County, and we don’t want to risk losing any unnecessarily to kids playing around etc. Please make sure you take full loads to the dump to help keep costs down and protect your tax dollars.

Grass/drainage issues

The summer students have just come on board so hopefully grass cutting can be kept up with if the weather co-operates, so far this year it hasn’t. Since the snow melted and things started to turn green, priority has been given to dealing with water drainage issues impacting properties at various locations throughout the Town. We have had water issues in lots of areas and at times it has been hard to deal with so much all at once. The rain (and May snowfall) seemed to come down so fast and hard leaving the ground saturated with nowhere for new rainfall to go.


Back in 2015, with previous Council, we started to take a more formalized approach to prioritizing Capital projects. This has now expanded into our asset management program and software. We have a rolling 5 year capital plan which is based on the best factual information we can put together, such as sewer camera work, known & documented water/drainage issues, supported by as visual inspections and resident concerns, documented plans and details of as-builts/repairs & or replacement of infrastructure work. History is kept and not lost with staff turnover. The next scheduled infrastructure work is in the area of 46 Street on to 49 Ave and 48A Avenue. This was slated for this year but has been pushed back to 2021, to help better balance off our loan payments, so while disappointing, this year’s focus will now be to deal inhouse with key localized drainage issues.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give me a call anytime at 780 789 3935 Ext 28 or drop me an email at cburke@thorsby.ca

Author: Town of Thorsby


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