2020 Property Taxes

Posted on Tuesday August 11, 2020 at 11:03AM

Outstanding 2020 Property Taxes

Please remember property taxes are due in full by August 31, 2020, unless enrolled in
the Tax Installment Plan.

A penalty of 6% will be applied to any outstanding 2020 tax levies September 1, 2020 and
2% on any remaining 2020 balance on the 1st of each following month to year end.

Please note if mailing or paying online:
Please allow sufficient time for your payments to be received by the town.
It can take 2 – 3 days for online payments and any payments mailed in, must be
postmarked Aug 31, 2020 or sooner to be considered as paid before penalty is due.

Please contact the Town Office if you are experiencing difficulties
in clearing your taxes to discuss possible options that may be available
780 789 3935 Ext 28

Author: Town of Thorsby


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Did You Know?

According to municipal census, The Town of Thorsby showed a 8% population increase from 2012 to 2015.

The old sign which proudly stood on guard to the North entrance to Thorsby was updated in 2017, following change of status from Village to Town - Population 1025