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Posted on Sunday February 21, 2021 at 05:00AM

Municipal Scorecard | Municipal Indicators (MMI) - MMI - February 10 2021

Alberta Municipal Affairs has implemented a new performance measure for the ministry, and associated indicators for municipalities. The new ministry performance measure builds on the work of the Municipal Sustainability Strategy.

Each indicator measures a specific aspect of the municipality's governance, finances or community and has a defined benchmark. The benchmarks established for each indicator are rules of thumb that provide a general indication of acceptable risk.

Alberta’s government is launching the Municipal Measurement Index to improve local decision-making and help Albertans see how local governments spend their money. The Financial Indicator Graphs (FIG) provide an opportunity for Albertans to explore a municipality’s financial and statistical data in the context of the minimum, median and maximum of the same municipal type.

Find out more about how each municipal indicator is calculated and what the results mean:

Author: Town of Thorsby


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Did You Know?

According to municipal census, The Town of Thorsby showed a 8% population increase from 2012 to 2015.

The old sign which proudly stood on guard to the North entrance to Thorsby was updated in 2017, following change of status from Village to Town - Population 1025