Posted on Thursday September 07, 2017 at 09:35AM

Last week we advised of the findings of the raw water pond study, and the recommendation to introduce diffuser type aeration at the bottom of the pond, rather than on the surface.  This type of aeration is also designed to keep the surface of the ponds open over the winter months to enable ongoing completion of nutrient and bacteria lifecycle and to restore balance to the ponds. The installation will be started very shortly.

Our testing results from Alberta Health have continued to come back clear throughout the summer issues, and we continue to post them each week on our website. Our water technicians have also remained in close contact with Alberta Environment over the summer months as a courtesy to let them know how things are progressing.

We also wanted to reassure parents that water at the Schools is safe for their children when they returned to school, so we also took water samples and tested both the Elementary and High School water prior to the fall return. All tests came back good.

We have stopped the flushing program as we don’t believe that this is assisting with the taste and odour issues any longer, but was only addressing discolouration that was experienced in a few areas. Now the lines have been cleared, the discolouration should have disappeared or become minimal as we are no longer disturbing the natural buildup in the lines.

Again, we ask residents to let us know of any changes they notice directly, by calling the office 780 789 3935 or by posting through our website under the published water updates.

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